About Fierce Gaming Network aka FGN

FGN Stands for – Fierce Gaming Network

Fierce Gaming Network is always looking for Quality Recruits, Players, Gamers! Two ways you can join us.

  1. Be in a Game lobby with a FGN Member and ask them to join or get recruited
  2. You can fill out our Application at https://join.xiledsyndicate.com/fgn

Only if you wish to rank up to LT and above! If you do this without wanting the rank of LT, you get a one time free rank up.

Yes you Can! Some easy and quick ways to rank up in FGN are

  1. Meetings
  2. Gamenights
  3. Workshops
  4. Sit-Ins
  5. Posting on the Forums

The Owner of Fierce Gaming Network is Fierce God. Also known as the President of FGN.

Fierce Gaming Network was created in 2017 and still going strong

A list of Communities & Gamertags who pose a threat to the FGN Community and XS

All operations taking place inside Squads & Divisions. Chief of Staff is the Highest rank Comm Ops (Community Operations)

A weekly meeting ran by Div Staff to pass down important info to Gen from a Senior Director or BoD.

Fierce Gaming Network strives to create a welcoming and supportive Gaming Community. Through teamwork, Divisions, Squads, Leadership & more. We work hard at opening opportunities for all Gamers, while we strengthen and enhance the Global Gaming Community scene. We will remain focused on our strategic objectives: investing in the future growth and inspiring Content Creators & Gamers to meet their utmost potential.

You can find all our Current Sponsors here > FGN Sponsors