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I feel so #blessed to have had the chance to interview a dear friend of mine, FGN Empress VII. Empress has recently joined Fierce Gaming Network, been promoted to Founder, AND to top it off has been given the honor of FGN Hall Of Fame. I would call that a triple whammy. Empress and I talked in great lengths before the interview, even remarking that we both aren’t usually the ones who get interviewed, we are the ones that interview. However, I felt that her recent promotion and honor were too big of a deal to not interview her. 

What made you decide to join FGN?“It presented me with an opportunity to not only start anew but to help another community grow. In which case we could both reach our full potential. I wanted to show that even the nay sayers had nothing on me. I was told many times that I wasn’t leader material that I wasn’t ready for what came next. I knew they were wrong. No matter what others say and how they perceive me I will continue to grow and show everyone that hardships don’t define me nor do they control my future. I do. So FGN was an opportunity to work my rear off and so what I could do that when we flourished I will have reached my goal.”

Did you have any concerns in your transition from XGN to FGN?“My only concern was that the friends in XGN I’ve made over the 3 years of me being in XS would “disown” me. I was worried that I would fail in trying to help a community grow and succeed. But as it turns out I had nothing to worry about.”

Would you say it was a tough decision for you to leave your “home”?“Yes. As I’ve mentioned I’ve been in XGN for 3 years. I’ve been taught so much and made so many friends. I’ve been in 5 divisions and had so many learning experiences it was hard to move into FGN and move forward.”

What was your first reaction to learning you had been given the honor of FGN’s Hall of Fame?“I was shocked to be honest. I just hunkered down and did what was needed. I had worked myself into exhaustion a few times and FGN FierceGod XS kept joking and telling me that I was gonna be RS’d for a year if I didn’t take it easy. It was hilarious. What was more amazing is that it was completely unexpected.”

If you had 1 super power for the rest of your life, what would it be and why?“If I could have any super power it would be to help those in need. I’ve had a rough upbringing in real life and XGN. I wanna help as many people as possible. I wanna be able to do as much as I can to help as many people as I can. Because in the long run it makes the world a better place.”

You were recently promoted to Founder, did you ever have a moment where you thought that you wouldn’t get this far?“Yes. There has been many times where I was stepped on/over and kicked to the curb. There were times when my SR Leadership told me they didn’t want me only because they wanted someone else. I wasn’t given the proper opportunities. Until I hit TH. Then now that I’m in FGN. I’m glad that I can now fully reach my potential and show everyone what I’m capable of.”

What are some of your daily responsibilities as a Founder?“Well on top of the usual founder duties I’m also currently acting gen as well. So I have a double life so to speak. I do everything founder and gen. The good thing is it’s easy when you aren’t doing it alone. FGN Ellie, FGN Era XS, and FGN FierceGod XS have been amazing help. I also am an LDP rep for FGN, I’m Head News (we haven’t fully set it up yet), and possibly here soon I’ll be able to oversee the Mixer streams also.”

What is your favorite food?“I actually don’t have a favorite food per sé. It used to be Mexican food but since I’m allergic to tomatoes I can’t really eat it so I would have to say anything that I can eat really.”

What is the best advice you could give to a member that might be where you were?“My best advice is to honestly never give up. I fought for a year and 4 months to even become GEN. Because people always kicked me when I was down. I’m now Founder because I pushed through it. If you have to change Squads/Divisions or even communities to be treated right or realize your full potential then I say do it. Now don’t go hopping around just because. But if it’s to better yourself and help you become a better leader then I say go for it. You’ll never know how far you can go if you don’t push yourself and learning from your mistakes. One last piece of advice I can give is treat others with respect and dignity. Be that shoulder and that leader. You’ll be all the better for it.”

Last one…..All time favorite movie….go!“That’s a rough one, let me think. Do you have a back up question I don’t really know which to choose lmfao.”Alright top 3.“Space Jam, August Rush, and Not Without My Daughter. That last one is kinda graphic though, if anyone’s ever seen it.”

There you have it! My good friend FGN Empress VII, working hard to not only to better herself and achieve her goals, but to help better an entire community. I am so proud of her journey, the goals she has achieved, and the person she has become. I wish her nothing but the best on her continuing journey. Congratulations on your promotion to Founder & being honored with FGN Hall of Fame.

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