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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Review – Some Bugs, All Fun

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the latest game in the Ghost Recon series that takes players to the island of Auroa to take down a former Ghost member. I did a preview of the game earlier and now have a full understanding of the game mechanics. So how does it play? Personally, I love it but there are some downfalls. Let’s jump into it!


If you have played Ghost Recon Wildlands, you will immediately recognize the third person gameplay system from before. You are able to take cover with a “sticky” cover system behind any waist height rock, structure, or against a wall. You are now also able to roll away from danger which is definitely a god send for when you are caught off guard by a roaming guard or need to roll out of the range of a mortar attack.

A gameplay mechanic I really enjoy is the “prone camo” function. The island of Auroa not only has roaming helicopter patrols, but drones play a heavy part in the combat of the game. Prone camo allows you to go into the prone/laying down position and your character will throw mud/snow/dirt on top of themselves to become practically invisible in the air. Being spotted by a helicopter will have the riding forces fire upon you, singular drones will fire on you, and the Azrael drone (which looks like a real life Predator drone) will send drones and the elite Wolves unit immediately to your position. Yeah, you’ll want to use prone camo.

Stamina plays a big role in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The amount you can go at a dead sprint is limited (though it can be extended with some upgrades) and other physical actions are directly affected. Sliding down a hill uses stamina and at first you can control the slide. Once you lose stamina while sliding down, you will literally go into tumbling down the hill like when you were a little kid and practically lose all control of your descent. You can also become fatigued which reduces the amount of available stamina unless you drink water or rest at a bivouac. Paying attention to your stamina is crucial in Ghost Recon Breakpoint.

Enemies in Ghost Recon Breakpoint present a good challenge and can be relenting, especially the Wolves. You’ll want to be on you’re “A game” because once you are spotted, even lower enemies can make a bee line to your position and open fire. Enemies will smartly take cover and bound to your position to try and flank you. Proceeding with stealth most times is the best way to stay alive, but you can always “go loud” with unsuppressed weapons or bring in an attack chopper.

You can choose one of four archetypes (Sharpshooter, Panther, Medic, Assault) which will give you different bonuses and special abilities. The sharpshooter class (my favorite) can use an intel grenade launcher that has a massive radius in detecting enemies outside and inside buildings while the Panther class allows you to sneak around easily and uses a combination flashbang/smoke grenade to disappear from sight. You truly have the freedom to play the game your way.

Mission Structure and Game Systems

Ghost Recon Breakpoint gives you many options to complete your mission and how you want to proceed with the story. Any mission can be played in any order with main missions, side missions, faction missions, and the upcoming raid. The only restriction would be the gear score level of each mission to hold you back. Now it’s not that you can’t play a mission if your gear score is too low, but it does affect the amount of damage you can place on an enemy and it increases the damage dished out by enemies. If your gear score is too low, you can be killed in literally one or two shots by even the lowest level bad guy. The game is very generous in giving you new weapons and armor to constantly upgrade yourself and you level up at a very good pace. You’ll be able to take on higher missions in no time.

The Gunsmith is back and just as customizable as ever. Every component of your weapon can be changed around from the scope to the barrel to the size of the magazine and the changes have true effects on the weapon. You can also upgrade different attributes of the weapon with its damage and handling which carries over to newer versions of your weapon. This is a big development since you will often change out your weapon for another weapon of a higher gear score.

The Bugs

Like I said, I have been having fun with this game but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the bugs within it. They aren’t necessarily game breaking but they can be annoying or outright hilarious. One instance was where I messed up with an enemy base and I sped away in a truck. A drone was chasing me and was gaining on me while it was shooting. I had the idea to take the truck into some nearby water and then could dive underneath. I slam the truck into the water to submerge it and it worked. However, my character got of the now submerged truck and was walking on water like Jesus. Suffice it to say, my plan changed drastically.

Other bugs have included during co-op play where one player could see and enemy and be killed by it while the player’s teammates are in the same room, not see a bad guy, and not be shot and killed by it. One has it where if you pilot a helicopter and go in the air, it looks like your player character is sitting on top of the blades. Another bug makes it when you respawn on your teammate, you are over 1000 meters away from your teammate. 

A number of these bugs (and the ones included here) have been squashed but really they shouldn’t have occurred in the first place. Ubisoft has gotten complaints about rushing and releasing games without truly doing a good Q&A. They always do patch the game but the quality control should be higher.


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a fun game and has worked out the pacing and mission structure far better than Ghost Recon Wildlands. The emphasis on feeling stranded and alone puts a new spin on the series. Ubisoft has said later they will add AI characters but I personally like the “lone wolf” approach and the ability of your friends to join in later. The weapons feel great and the vehicle diversity is also good. Any fan of third person tactical shooters would enjoy this game.

What do you think? Are you liking the game? Was my review fair? Let me know in the comments below and happy gaming!

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