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Normally, when we write articles, we will do so without bias, to present the facts as we find them. That is true of gaming articles, and member interviews alike. Today, however, I very much want to be biased, and wish our amazing Division Leader a wonderful “Happy Birthday”! So, without further ado, if you haven’t already, please make sure you post in the chat, on Twitter, or wherever else you may have her added, and give her a huge birthday wish from yourself, and your community! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EMPRESS!

So this is not going to be the longest of articles, but it is going to be one of the nicest. First, I wanted to say that, as Lady, I have known Empress for quite some time now. Almost a year in fact! She was one of the first people that I met when I transferred into Triple Helix in XGN, and we became fast friends. She sat with me through hard times, always provided a listening ear, and was always willing to help, regardless of what was going on around us. She pushed for me to achieve my goals, has always been one of my biggest supporters as I moved through the ranks, and searched for my home in XS. I trust her with everything I know, and I am grateful to have such an amazing friend. But I’m not the only one who has been influenced by Empress. For her birthday, I wanted to talk to a few of the XS leaders who have interacted with Empress, and have them tell me about some of their favorites things about her, as well as a message from them to her for the future.

Interviewees: XGN Ish 7, Jessi 7 XS, TXO Noob 7XS, FGN Fierce God XS

Lady: “What is your favorite memory with FGN Empress VII?”

-Ish: “Before she was Empress, she had to DM me for something, and when I replied ‘hey bro’, she mentioned that she was a girl. I apologized, but we had a good laugh about it after the fact.”

-Jessi: “I can’t narrow it down to just one memory with her! This is hard! The first time we met, was when I brought her on for XGN News. What was supposed to be a five to ten minute chat turned into a 3 or 4 hour conversation.”

-Noob: “We have had tons of amazing conversations!” This was as specific as I got, but she said Empress would understand. Hug emojis were involved.

-Fierce: “The day she transferred. We both showed the best team work when putting together an awesome division.”

So as you can see, everyone here has had some amazing memories with Empress, both inside and outside of clan ops. She has been around the block a time or two, and chances are, you have met someone with a wonderful story about this wonderful person. However, moving on, I wanted to know what sort of traits Empress had that people admired in her.

L: “What is one thing you love about FGN Empress VII?”

-I: “She keeps it real, and loves to help out when needed, she’s never afraid to take on a challenge.“

-J: “What I love about her is how caring she is. No matter what is going on, she is always willing to be there for someone else. I have time after time seen her dedication, by her pushing through her own troubles to help everyone else! I love the friendship that she and I have, that we both can be there for each other when we need it.“

-N: “She is always so nice!“

-F: “Her charisma, dedication, loyalty, and determination to never give up.“

If that doesn’t describe Empress to a T, I don’t know what on earth possibly could. Empress is one of the most real people I have ever met in XS, and she has become a close friend to me. Late night conversations, about things both inside and outside of the community, were always welcome, even if she was going through her own struggles, she was always there to help me out, too. She is easily one of the kindest, warmest people I’ve ever met, and Empress, we don’t take that for granted. Thank you for what you do for us!

The last question that I had for our interviewees was for them to provide a message to her for the future, or something they wanted to share with her. All the messages are heart-warming, so Empress, I hope you take them to heart. <3

L: “What is one thing you want to share with Empress for her birthday?”

-I: “Keep pushing forward. I’m proud of all the work you’re putting into FGN and XS.“

-J: “For your birthday, I wish you nothing but the best! I hope your day is filled with joy, and friends by your side.“

-N: “Have a great birthday, girly! You deserve it!“

-F: “Never give up on what you have accomplished in life, FGN and family.“

So there you have it! Messages from various leaders in XS who have all had the pleasure of working with FGN Empress VII, whether it was in clan ops, departments, or have gotten to know her through their time in the community together.

I want to finish up with this: Empress, as you can see, everyone here loves you. We are all very honored to have you as our Div Leader, given the hard work and dedication you put into everything you do. This sentiment is echoed by people across XS. You are the epitome of #Fierce. You are loyal, you are dedicated, and you work harder than most other people I know combined. So, while I know you won’t take the day off, please make sure you take time FOR YOU, and celebrate your birthday in style. Because we certainly will be! Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMPRESS, and thank you for everything you do for us and this community. #WeAreFierce!


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