FGN Lil Peep – Recruiter OTW Interview

Article by: FGN Ellie

Today I had the honor of interviewing a good friend and an excellent leader! FGN Lil Peep was recently awarded “Recruiter OTW” in Fierce Gaming Network and I couldn’t be more proud! When she was in XGN, she was doing amazing, I was her general for a while and she was doing great there too. She has overcome a lot within Xiled Syndicate and I am so glad we ended up in the same community again. Here’s what FGN Lil Peep has to say about her recent award in her community:

Ellie: “What motivates you to continue recruiting?”

Lil Peep: “I am motivated to continue recruiting is because I wanna make FGN grow into something big and positive while working alongside my peers!”

Ellie: “Do you enjoy recruiting?”

Lil Peep: “Very much so, I like being very interactive with the new members.”

Ellie: “What is your favorite part about training a new member in?”

Lil Peep: “I think it’s when i game with them because I learn about the recruit and get to know them more on a personal part.”

Ellie: “What makes Fierce Gaming Network special to you?”

Lil Peep: “It is one of the most positive places I’ve been in, with amazing people to game with.”

Ellie: “What are your short-term goals for the next few weeks in Psychosis?”

Lil Peep: “To rank up to LT In 2 weeks and get 15 recruits by the 6th of November”

Ellie: “How many recruits do you have since the beginning of this week?”

Lil Peep: “7.”

Ellie: “Do you have any encouraging words to inspire new members to recruit?”

Lil Peep: “Don’t think you don’t have potential; if you put in the time and the work you will be able to do anything within FGN. Don’t think you don’t have potential because you do.”

I think that explains it! FGN Lil Peep is here for the growth and success of Fierce Gaming Network & Xiled Syndicate. That is a great mindset, especially as a MSG! FGN and Xiled Syndicate is very proud of you and thank you for your hard work!

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