The Outer Worlds – What Fallout 76 Should Be

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In the Outer Worlds, your character is one of over a thousand people who have been stranded on a space ship that was set to arrive at a planet controlled by corporations. You are awoken from your deep slumber (like the vaults in Fallout) and rescued by a professor who reveals to you that you’ve been asleep for nearly seventy years. Talk about a good nap.

From this stage, you are able to create your character from multiple faces, head shapes, skin tone, eye color, the usual customization templates (even the hair options are great). You then customize your abilities and characteristics. Do you want to be a gunslinger? Throw those points into the long guns. Do you love hacking and lockpicking the hell out of stuff? Throw some points over that way. Do you want to persuade, charm, and intimidate anyone in your way? Throw some points that way as well. You are completely free to create the character of your choice and it will affect how you play the game


If you have played Fallout, you will see a lot of similarities ranging from dialogue options to combat. Your abilities and perks will play a massive role in how you approach the game. What’s great is that you can truly play the game in any way that you want with its open world aspect. You can go guns blazing, attacking every marauder and creature that you see with a variety of assault rifles, sniper rifles, melee weapons, shotguns, and light machine guns. You can mod any piece of weapon and armor where you can add status effect damage or boosts your own attributes.

In Outer Worlds, you can fight in the world alone or with up to two A.I. characters that will assist you. You can give commands to attack, move, or follow you and instruct your characters to use their special abilities. You can control every aspect of your companions from how aggressive they are in combat to how close they follow you in the open world. You also can choose their weapons and their armor. My first companion started with a pistol and some basic armor. I gave her a light machine gun and some heavier armor to protect and it made a world of difference. She would suppress the enemy with her light machine gun and I could run in with my assault rifle or snipe away at my enemies. It was awesome.

A big appeal of the Outer Worlds is not only the combat options in the game, but also your dialogue with other characters. Speaking with the various NPCs in the game will reveal new missions, help give you clues to completing other missions, and allow you to get around some deadly encounters if you sweet talk them just right. Your responses can have you loved by people who will be more willing to work with you or make you come off like an asshole, shutting the door in our face for certain progress. Even if you mess up a dialog option, there’s no one way to complete a mission.

Your own morality and choices will have a positive or negative effect on your mission and also your reputation with different groups. Currently, I’m working a mission to receive a part for my ship. I’ve been asked by a corporate group to steal this part from a separate colony which will cut their power and cause the separate colony to desert their home. The twist: the separate colony used to be part of the corporate group but they left because they were treated horribly in the name of profit. I could not give a damn and just steal the part or I can help this separate colony that just wants to live in a peace. Which will I choose? Who knows but this is one of many scenarios that you will face in the Outer Worlds.


The Outer Worlds is a great first person RPG shooter that truly lets you play the way you want. I compare this game to Fallout 76 because Fallout 76 was supposed to be a new chapter progressing the Fallout series, but it incorporated elements that didn’t work for the game while removing elements that defined the Fallout series. Obsidian Entertainment has done well with their past Fallout knowledge to create a game that feels like Fallout, but is definitely its own game. This game is set where you can do multiple playthroughs with multiple styles and I think it’s a well received breath of fresh air.

What do you think? Are you enjoying the Outer Worlds? Was my review fair? Let me know in the comments below!

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